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What can be downloaded from our database?

TECHNICAL MANUALS you have the largest base of technical manuals for immediate download, can download data from over 1480 manufacturers, simply enter model or chassis and once identified as a registered user allows you to download in digital format (PDF) the information requested by you Location easy through our advanced search, you can list or chassis models indicating a particular manufacturer and product range. Without being registered can check any model or chassis to monitor the effectiveness of the system.

INFORMATION LCD display - TFT - Plasma Technical information is absolutely necessary, but new technology LCD, Plasma require greater attention, locating specific information models, chassis, displays, scalers, inverters, software and a detailed classification of the symptoms must be possible to meet the new challenge of maintaining this product with maximum effectiveness. Our refresher courses and professional forum for technical solutions contribute to the system pickup experience for the entire group of users giving greater fluidity and making our database the most effective business tool.

SERVICE MANUALS AUDIO-VIDEO - The cost effectiveness and efficiency of its repairs are conditioned by time spent, is resolving providing the information needed to develop with a minimum guarantee their work, to have accurate information will enable you to meet your objectives with a high profitability. Locate any mechanical VCR, TAPE, CD, DVD etc, to our family of CHASSIS MECHANICAL, you easily locate all the information to perform maintenance and troubleshooting.

PROGRAMS AND SOFTWARE - availability and instant downloads of popular software (Pixel-Works PonyProg, ICProg, etc) for reading, recording and updating of software control of all product ranges. With the simple chassis model input or locate the file or updating software product that you need, this will facilitate troubleshooting in a much more rapid and effective, remember that statistically a high percentage of the problems identified in the TVC ranges, LCD and VCR are altering data in the EEPROM.

TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS BASED CLASSIFIED - input frame model or to locate a manual and it also indicates the existence of technical solutions for this model are classified by the condition and symptoms of damage (IRIS code used by manufacturers). Also can be easily located by our advanced search by entering make, model or chassis, symptoms and condition. The solutions introduced in the system are the result of the impact of our users and the experience gained in the forum of technical solutions complement our communications system.

LIBRARY AND TECHNOLOGY - trainings you can dispose of sensitive technology Training or edited by the manufacturers of the most popular chassis and an extensive library of technical books, all information is available in PDF, PowerPoint and Flash, the animation makes that information consulted is an additional contribution to its extensive experience showing new technologies in an easy, pleasant and efficient.